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Truelement provides an excellent and dependable service for our team. The majority of our employees work in physically demanding positions and having a consistent massage service available provides them an outlet to relieve stress. Truelement is easy to work with and the customer service they provide is excellent. I highly recommend Truelement. Your employees will thank you!

Rhonda R., Southwest Airlines, Burbank

Leilani listens. Tell her what muscles are tight or sore and she will target those areas, while not neglecting the whole.

She is so knowledgeable, and can give you direction for home self care, if you ask. She won’t force anything on you. I feel she is particularly sensitive to the needs of those of us who are now termed “seniors”.

I feel so fortunate to have found her. I also feel better! Thank you, Leilani!

Katharine V.

From the leeward side of Oahu and after service to our country, Leilani has again dedicated her life to service, and we’re glad she did. As a consistently personable, highly professional and effective massage therapist, she has become the go-to practitioner for us folks of a certain age. In addition to the standard home and office visits, Leilani is a welcome feature at social events and is by far the “party favor” that all guests appreciate. In sum, Leilani is an asset that we are happy to have in our midst.

Judith C.

Leilani, owner of truelement, has been a pleasure to work with. Our company, Veros Credit, has hired Leilani to provide massage services for our employees twice a week. Our employees know that every Tuesday and Thursday, they can sign up for a 20 minute chair massage during their work schedule. I think everyone looks forwards to Tuesdays and Thursdays. To quote one of our employees -“Not only are Leilani’s massages relaxing and stress relieving, but I work better on the days I receive a massage.” Truelement has been a great addition to our team. Employees really seem to enjoy their massage time and as a result, are more productive. Not only does Leilani provide our employees with great massages, but also a great wealth of knowledge on health and stress relieving stretches and exercises. We couldn’t be happier with her services.

Cyrus B., President and CEO of Veros Credit

Another massage, another beautiful experience. Leilani is not only a skilled masseuse who knows what she is doing, she is a passionate person who understands why she is doing it. Her own enjoyment of the session brings another level of comfort and healing. As a business owner, in a profession where I give a lot of myself, I truly appreciate Leilani’s ability to come to my location and offer some “me time.” I strongly recommend Leilani of TruElement Massage to any individual or business ready to work out their knots and relax into healthy body care.

Melanie M.

Leilani Aquino of Truelement Massage Therapy has a TRUE gift. She has such an incredibly healing touch, and a healing heart. I visited Leilani a week after badly spraining my ankle. After an entire week of using crutches & wearing a walking boot, sleeping with my foot elevated, and still trying to do my job as a chiropractor, I was a wreck! My body was in great need of recuperative healing and balancing. Leilani’s table was very comfortable for me, and she used essential oils during my massage that left me both calm and invigorated at the same time. After leaving her office, I went home and took a 3 hour nap – pretty much the longest stretch of sleep I had gotten since my injury. I am so appreciative of her taking care of me and helping me heal. Thank you Leilani!

Heidi S.


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